Winners Row

Excellent drive said the examiner, and with a car on the drive I bet Meg was on the phone straightaway to get her insurance changed to fully qualified driver.  Congratulations Meg 19.2.20




Will had told all his work colleagues he was taking his test that morning so he was delighted he was successful and had a pass certificate to show them all.  Congratulations 19.2.20



“That’s Insane” was all Tom could say as the Examiner told him he had passed!  Looking to buy a house in the country now looks more practical.  Congratulations Tom.  17.2.20




Kaisha’s 3year old son had been choosing what car he wanted his mum to buy so there will be one very excited little boy when she gets home.  Congratulations Kaisha. 3.2.20



More little noses pressed against the window and shreeks of excitement when Mum proudly waved her pass certificate.  Many congratulations Maggie, I know how nervous you were. 2.1.20




There were little faces pressed against the window waiting for mummy to return, then lots of jumping around.  Family excursions just got a lot easier.  Congratulations Laura. 30.12.19



Cherry was bouncing around with excitement having passed her test.  She no longer has to depend on parents for lifts, car on the drive, the world is her oyster.  8.11.19



Alex was hanging onto that pass certificate in very strong winds, he had worked very hard to achieve it and didn’t want it blowing away!  Hope sharing a car with your brother goes well!! 8.11.19



To describe Katelyn as a bag of nerves would be an understatement, but she triumphed, nothing to worry about. 5.11.19



George is a keen golfer and was delighted to pass his test so he can throw is clubs in his car and drive himself to his golf club, he no longer has to rely on his Mum.  Congratulations George, 30.9.19



The sun was shining on Meg as she aced her driving test.  Getting to university will be so much easier, so life on the open road awaits.  Congratulations Meg 19.9.19




Caitlin was so excited to have passed her test that she literally ran down the street to her house, shouting “I have passed.”  I think she was happy and with her yellow car on the drive she will be out on the road in no time. Congratulations.  11.9.19



Window wipers on full speed, demisting system on, headlights on but the torrential rain didn’t stop Maya from acing her driving test.  Congratulations Maya.  2.8.19




Luke had his car waiting on the drive so he was ecstatic when he passed his test.  Congratulations Luke, happy driving.  15.7.19




Unrestrained school children were no problem for Katie as she aced her driving test.  Congratulations Katie all your hard work paid off.




Poppy had her parents permission to raid her bank account once she passed her test, now she can go car shopping.  Congratulations Poppy. 15.4.19




Tilly was so excited to pass her test she rang her Dad to bring her car to school to drive home.  Congratulations Tilly.  1.4.19




Congratulations Emma, now car shopping!!  22.3.19




There were some very excited children waiting at the door, now Mum can take them wherever they want to go!!  Congratulations Gemma and good luck with the car, it was so good of your Dad to buy himself a new car so you could have his!!!  14.3.19


Well done Maya, first time pass. Sadly Grandma she has just lost her car, but gained a chauffeur!!  Congratulations.  19.2.19




Congratulations to Dan who passed his test but was too shy for a photo, also he was very excited as he was going shopping for his first car.  Well done Dan, an excellent result. 6.2.19



Underneath the dog is Jon.  He gave himself a fantastic Christmas present and can now go out and spend all that money he has been saving for a car.  Congratulations Jon.  17.12.18




Edward had to hang onto his pass certificate it was very windy, but there was no way he was letting go!!  Congratulations Edward 15.11.18



Jordan’s mum was delighted he passed, she wanted to go Christmas shopping.  I think he is going to be mum’s taxi!!  Congratulations Jordan 8.11.18




There certainly were fireworks when the examiner said “congratulations” Luke was very happy as he already has a car, so the sky is the limit.  Congratulations Luke  5.11.18




“Congratulations, that’s a completely clean sheet” said the examiner, ie zero faults.  This was great news for David who works in the Lake District, getting there will be a lot easier now.  28.9.18



Congratulations to Leo who passed is test today.  As a theatre performer being able to drive is vital for his next role, in Norfolk, so to say he was delighted is an understatement.  Best wishes for Christmas season Leo then round the world on the cruise ships.  (ps photo is me!!) 24.9.18



With a job waiting all Jason needed was a driving licence, congratulations and good luck in your new career.  17.9.18




Excellent start to the week, and she beat her brother on “faults” so he’s never going to hear the end of that!!  Good luck in your new adventure in St Andrews.  3.9.18



Grandad was waiting for Chloe when she returned from her test.  Cuddles all round.  Many congratulations, 6.8.18




A driving test on Friday the 13th proved no problem for Olivia.  Congratulations and good luck for your time at Leeds University. 13.7.18




Congratulations to Jake who passed with flying colours.  With car on the drive he is now able to help is Dad in the family business.  Congratulations Jake.  4.7.18




The nerves disappeared, just like the clouds, to leave a clear blue sky and a very happy Sam.  He aced his test, and with a car on the drive he is all ready to drive to college (and beyond) to his football matches.  Congratulations Sam.  2.7.18




Congratulations to Libby, she held her nerves and passed with flying colours.  Bit shy for a photo but happy to advertise her success with her Pass Certificate.  Many congratulations Libby, I know how this will transform your life.  25.6.18



“I can’t believe I passed!!” Did you think I’d pass?” I didn’t think I’d pass!!”  To say Ella was excited is an understatement.  Well done Ella, no more college bus.  30.4.18



Cath was never happy with herself unless she did things perfectly, well today she nailed it.  Congratulations Cath. 30.5.18



Crissy’s car has been outside her house for several weeks.  Her ambition to pick her daughter up from an appointment tomorrow.   I am delighted she have achieved her goal, and expect there will be many more girly trips.  Congratulations.  9.5.18


Congratulations to Sam, she already has her car on the drive ready to drive to her new job.  Good luck for the future.  9.5.18




“Unbelievable” was all the Leo could say when the examiner told him he had passed. His mum’s shouts of delight could be heard in the street,  Many congratulations Leo, enjoy driving your new car.  27.4.18


Michael’s smile brightened up a dull day.  He had a lot to smile about, only one driving fault!  Congratulations Michael, see you on for Pass Plus.  Congratulations.  27.3.18




It didn’t matter how strong the wind, Sarah was gripping her pass certificate tight!!  Now she has to learn to drive the family car, unless her husband buys her a new one!  Congratulations Sarah, 23.3.18


Test at 8.20am but it was an excellent start to the day for James.  Trailer test next.  Congratulations James 22.2.18




A little snow was not going to stop Millie, excellent results!  With a car in the drive, no more buses to college!!.  Many congratulations 19.1.18



Ed took his test first, went into the house looking very sad.  Matt was second, he had the same examiner, she and I were very careful not to spoil any surprises!! Congratulations to you both.  Now the biggest challenge, who is going to get to the driving seat first?  18.12.17

Keiran couldn’t believe it when the examiner took him to Filey,  he lives there!!  Congratulations Keiran and good luck for the future.  19.10.17



Who would book a driving test for 8.20am on a Monday morning??  School run and rush hour didn’t worry Anna. Congratulations.  16.10.17




Congratulations to Leanne, who didn’t let strong winds blow her off course, she triumphed.  Many congratulations.  11.10.17




Strong winds were not going to blow Catherine off course, she triumphed.  Mum can now have a lie in, she can drive herself to college!! Well done  Catherine.  2.10.17



Left at home again, but there is a little red Citreon C1 with a Green P on its bonnet!!.  Congratulations to Neomi.  Have many hours of happy, and safe driving.  6.9.17



My car was left at home and Freddie (peppermint green Fiat 500) took centre stage.  He and Georgie passed with Flying colours.  Congratulations to you both!  (4.9.17)



A sleepless night and a very nervous wait for Emily but she triumphed, she had nothing to worry about.  Hope the final year of uni goes as smoothly.  Congratulations.  24.8.17



It was a hot, hot day but Andrew kept his cool and passed with flying colours, so away with the motorbike and in with the car! Congratulations.  17.7.17




The rain couldn’t dampen Ellie’s total elation at passing her test.  With a car waiting on the drive at home I can envisage hours of fun in the coming days.  Congratulations Ellie.  28.6.17




Thank you so much Brooke for your present, it was a lovely surprise!  Congratulations on your success.  21.6.17




Sarah made good use of the school holidays and passed her test with flying colours.  I am sure your daughter has a long list of places to visit now you are mobile.  Many congratulations.  30.5.17



There were no clouds in the sky today for Amy are she aced her driving test.  Many congratulations Amy.  8.5.17




Congratulations to Matthew who passed his driving test this morning.  Will  Mum ever get her car back?  12.4.17



Half term well spent!!  Congratulations Will.  17.2.17




Katie’s smile almost eclipsed the sun.  She was very very happy!!  Her journey started with an Under 17′s Gift Voucher and finished with an excellent pass result.  Congratulations Katie 14.2.17



Tareq was so excited he had passed his test that he’s leaving the country!  Back to Australia to finish his education.  Congratulations and good luck Tareq.  6.1.17



Nicola’s ambition in her 40th birthday year for to leave to drive.  Well, mission accomplished!.  Many congratulations Nicola.  4.1.17



It is a very happy new year for Harrison, test passed, car on drive, L plates in the bin!  Congratulations Harrison



The trip to school at York will be so much easier now Victoria can drive.  No more relying on buses and trains.  Good luck for the future.  7.12.16


Katy had no faith in her driving skills, fortunately the examiner and I knew better and she passed with flying colours!  Congratulations Katy.  7.12.16



“Excellent drive. No faults whatsoever” said the examiner.  Many congratulations Harry, great achievement.  2.12.16




Harriet didn’t know whether to laugh or cry she was so excited.  ”I can’t believe I’ve passed” was all she could say all the way home.  Well you did pass and I am delighted for you (and your little red mini waiting at him!).  22.11.16


George held his nerve and triumphed.  Many congratulations. 14.11.16



Daisy’s smile almost eclipsed the sun, she was very happy.  Living deep in the country it will make a huge difference to her life (and her long suffering parents) – no more lifts required!.  25.10.16



“I can’t believe it” Elizabeth was in shock all the way home, but she proves it is never too late! Many congratulations Elizabeth.  20.10.16



It was worth popping home from uni for Will.  Excellent result and well worth getting up so early for.  Congratulations. 27.9.16





“I can’t do this” was all Kate could say as we drove into the test centre, she was shaking with nerves.  Well this photograph proves what can be achieved and I am delighted as I know how much this means to Kate.  Best wishes for the future.  19.9.16



Josh was delighted to pass his test.  His car was waiting in the garage ready to go and living deep in the country he needed really needed a full driving licence.  Congratulations Josh.  7.9.16




Nobody was more surprised when she passed.  Terri was convinced that she wouldn’t but with several work mates all taking their tests in the following weeks she was determined to lead from the front, and she certainly did that.  Congratulations Terri.  4.8.16


Marion’s smile frightened away the dark clouds.  She jumped for joy when the examiner said “I am pleased …”  and all before 9am! Many congratulations.  8.7.16



Heavy rain was not going to stop Jake passing his test, nor inconsiderate drivers pulling up too close, nor a skip wagon!  He triumphed against everything Malton could throw at him.  Well Done.  29.6.16


“I can’t believe it!” was all Holly could say all the way home, but yes you did do it and I know the difference it will make to your life, no more chasing lifts, just get the keys and go. Congratulations. 9.6.16


Beth’s dad is going to be very cross with me.  He has been borrowing Beth’s car, now he will have to give it back.  Sorry!!   20.5.16



Olivia had been reading “Your First Car” booklet while we waited for the examiner. Having passed her test, now she will have to start saving those pennies.  Good luck and congratulations. 19.5.16


He already had his car picked out, insurance quotes done, all he needed was to pass his test!! Will see you on the road soon Robert.  Congratulations.  16.5.16


Chatterbox Maddie nearly exploded with excitement and literally jumped for joy on hearing the news she had passed.  Congratulations.  11.5.16



It was worth getting up early as by 9am Joe was the proud owner of a full driving licence having passed his test with flying colour.  Congratulations Joe.  5.5.16



The sun was nearly eclipsed by Lewis grin.  He was over the moon to have passed his driving test.  No more freezing on the motorbike.  Congratulations Lewis.  4.5.16



Haydn insisted I told everybody about his faults (because he didn’t get any)!  You can tell how amazed and delighted he was.  Congratulations Haydn.  29.4.16



It was a glorious day but Jordan’s smile almost eclipsed the sun. Having a job in Filey has meant he has spent a lot of time on the train, but no more!  18.4.16



Christmas, half term and Easter holidays have consisted of driving lessons.  What will Robert do now he has passed? Enjoy the results of his training I am sure! Congratulations Robert. 29.3.16


With a new job in Hull, All Ruth needed was a driving licence and today she gained that coveted Pass Certificate.  Many congratulations and good luck in your new post.  14.3.16



There wasn’t a dry eye in the office when I took Rosie back to work.  One of my special students, Rosie had to work incredibly hard to achieve the coveted Pass Certificate.  Many congratulations, Rosie.  11.3.16



Jamie passed his driving test today however, he is camera shy so there is no photograph.  Many congratulations Jamie.  26.2.16 (ps the photograph is me!!)





With a job offer at Jaguar/Rover and Bentley, all Kyle needed was a driving licence.  I was happy to oblige.  Good luck in your new career.  25.2.16



Getting about to visit friends and family will be so much easier now had can drive.  The train was getting a bit tedious for this globe trotter.  Many congratulations Steven.  16.2.16




With a moped continually breaking down, Ollie was delighted to pass his test.  No more catching the bus, or relying on friends and family, and with winter just round the corner, the journey to college will be much warmer than a ped!  Congratulation Ollie.  23.11.15


Hannah was ecstatic to pass her test.  A new job out of town meant several bus journeys, now she can drive.  Also Dad had bought a car so she is all prepared for the next stage in her life.  Many congratulations Hannah and good luck in your new job.  2.11.15


David was delighted and relieved to pass his test as his employer had promised him his own van.  It was coming next day!  (ps did I mention he had a completely clear test report, no driving faults at all).  Congratulations.  12.10.15



The day after a lunar eclipse and Angela’s smile threatened to block out the sun.  She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry (there was a time when she was doing both!).  Many congratulations Angela, I know you never thought you would be able to drive but you have and you thoroughly deserve your full driving licence.  (28.9.15)


With a car on the street waiting to go, Lucy couldn’t wait to get out on the open road and with a few weeks left of the college holidays, I don’t expect she will ever be at home!  28.8.15



Luke came up from London for two weeks to visit his family and whilst here learned to drive on an intensive course.  Many congratulations Luke and good luck on your return to the big city!  10.7.15



Nehal was delighted to pass right at the beginning of the school holidays – her children were even more delighted – lots of day trips!  28.7.15



Only Gail’s husband and I knew she was taking her test.  Keeping it a secret from work colleagues, friends etc was tough but well worth it to see their faces when she put her Pass Certificate on the works noticeboard.  Many congratulations Gail.  27.3.15


Although she only works up the road Sam was desperate to pass her test and was delighted to be successful.  I have already seen her out and about on the roads.  Well done Sam.  19.3.15



Polly is going to university in September so being able to drive is a huge benefit.  She can put the whole of her life in the boot of the car and head off, but where to? She couldn’t decide, Gloucester, Sheffield or Newcastle?  Decisions, decisions!  Good luck for the future Polly.




James’ plan for his first drive out having passed his test was a boys road trip with his son to see god parents.  OK so his son is only three weeks old so the road trip might be a bit lost on him but James is over the moon to have the chance to show his son off to relatives.  Many congratulations James.




Emily is studying in London so there’s no saying when she will need drive a car but now she has a full driving licence the world is her oyster when she qualifies.  Well done Emily




Marcin’s had to beg lifts from his mates to get to work in Pickering.  Now he will be part of the car pool team.  Many congratulations Marcin.




Tara’s journey from Malton to college in Scarborough will be so much easier now she has pass her test.  Well done. 8.9.14


India was beside herself with excitement when she passed her test.  Wishing to join  the police, being able to put full driving licence holder on her application form will be a great advantage, particularly as she wants to be a dog handler.  Congratulations.  11.8.14



Agnes was so stunned when the examiner said “I am pleased to tell you you have passed” that I had to give her the thumbs up then a beaming smile came across her face.  All she could say all the way home was “I don’t believe it”!  I was delighted for her, learning a skill in another language is never easy but Agnes succeeded.  29.7.14


Vanessa and her partner have just opened a shop in Scarborough so being able to drive was crucial.  Even discomfort from a recent operation was not going to stop her and now she has the freedom to travel all over the county.  Many congratulations and Good Luck with the business.  24.7.14


There was a twitching of curtains as we drove up, the girls came out squealing with excitement when Kathy showed them her Pass Certificate.  Not too sure who was the most excited now days at the beach, picnics at the Swing Park etc are now so easy.  Many congratulations Kathy.  23.7.14


I don’t normally talk about driving test faults and I am still not going to because Ellie didn’t get any, completely clean sheet.  Many congratulations Ellie and I hope the new job works out.  21.7.14



Angel had a big shopping trip planned following her test, either as compensation or congratulations.  As you can see she has a lot to celebrate, so the credit card will be taking a bashing.  Many congratulations.  14.7.14




Steven was told that because of his medical condition he would never drive a manual car, well today he proved them wrong.  Couldn’t be happier for him and his family.  Best wishes.  8.7.14



Daniel was delighted (and relieved) to pass his driving test as he moved to York at the end of the month and didn’t want to take his test there – dual carriageways and all those big roundabouts with multiple lanes and traffic lights.  EEEKKK  Good luck for the futureDaniel.  23.6.14


You are never too old to learn a new skill (Sarah gave me permission to say this!).  She was ecstatic to pass having convinced herself that she couldn’t.  Couldn’t be happier. 30.5.14



Just about to qualify as a teacher, Franchessca was delighted to pass her driving test.  This gives her a lot most scope in searching for a job.  Many congratulations and good luck for the future.  27.5.14




There will be some very excited children when Mum goes to pick them up from school, in the car, in the driving seat.  No more walking to school in the rain but visits to the beach at the drop of a hat and impromptu shopping trips for Mum, no wonder Kayleigh was so excited to pass.  23.4.14


Starting a new career, opportunities are going to be so much more wide ranging now that Alice can put “full driving licence holder” on her application forms.  Best wishes for your future ambitions.  16.4.14



A car is waiting on the drive for Peter now he has passed his test.  Many congratulations Peter, I know you have been waiting a long time to achieve your ambitions.  9.4.14




There is a new job waiting for Jay now he has passed his test.  Many congratulations and good luck for the future.  7.4.14





Dominic was delighted to pass his driving test, though with plans to work in the Far East for a year, his experiences of driving will be somewhat different to Scarborough!!  Many congratulatons and good luck for your future plans.  14.3.14





Many congratulations to Jemma who passed her test yesterday.     Now she is able to transport her Mum wherever she wants to go (I suspect lots of shopping trips are on the horizon).  An excellent result Jemma.  18.2.14


Amy started as a very nervous student but as you can see from the ecstatic smile on her face she overcame her fears and now no longer has to rely on the train to get to work.  10.1.14




Sam was ecstatic to pass his test as in his garage there is a newly renovated mini ready for the road.  Many congratulations Sam. 18.12.13




Driving to college in York will hold no fear for Alison after battling through the school run traffic for the last few months.  Many congratulations Alison.  17.12.13




What a fantastic start to the weekend Emily said, and I couldn’t argue. Passing your driving test is an excellent achievement, you should be very proud of yourself. Many congratulations Emily.  15.11.13


Heavy rain did not deter Rob as he swept to victory today.  A keen music lover, it will be so much easier to get to gigs now he doesn’t have to rely on his mates liking the same bands!  Many congratulations Rob.   22.10.13



Her eyes lit up when I mentioned shopping trips.  You see there are advantages to passing your driving test other than running the children round.  Many congratulations Liz.  2.10.13




The wide open roads of Australia are calling and with her driving licence Cordelia can now explore the outback in her Ute.  Bon Voyage and watch out for kangaroos!!  11.9.13




Rain and bad light were not going to stop Heather and as she turned into the test centre the sun came out announcing her success.  Passs Plus next.  6.9.13






Well that’s one less thing for Oliver to worry about as he prepares to head south to University, he passed his driving test with flying colours now all he has to concentrate on is three years of History. Good Luck and Bon Voyage.  3.9.13



Nadia is delighted to have passed her driving test as next month she is going to university and was wondering how to get all her stuff to Glasgow.  No problem, now she can take as much as she wants.  Many congratulations Nadia.  14.8.13



Lauren is now able to take her Mum on shopping trips and out for lunch.   Not surprising she looks so happy – food and shopping, a perfect way to spend a day.  7.8.13




Ellie had promised her mates she would drive them to Leeds Festival if she passed.  No wonder she looks to happy.  Excellent result Ellie.  18.7.13




On a scorching hot day Gunjan sailed through her driving test.  Now she can drive all over the country delivering her lectures. Congratulations Gunjan.  18.7.13




Before planning a family day out Scott had to check the bus timetables, now the world is his oyster, and his children are delighted!  10.7.13



Newly qualified teacher Alex was wondering how she would get all her school books to work but now she can drive.  Good luck in your future career.  2.7.13






Sam passed his test with only six driving faults.  Now he can drive his newly restored mini and follow his dream of working on the oil rigs.  Congratulations Sam.  1.7.13


Michael passed his test with only 6 driving faults.  Very well done, Michael.  24.6.13


Under 17′s Driving Experience at Christmas, 17th birthday in March, full driving licence holder in June, very well done Callum. 11.6.13

Pass Plus booked!

Tracey was delighted she could tell her son she could drive him to school.  It’s lovely when a child can be so proud of his Mum.  Many congratulations Tracey.  31.5.13

Many congratulations to Tiffany who passed her test with only five minor driving faults.  Well Done! 28.5.13




After an intensive course in the Christmas holidays and some polishing up in the Easter holidays Charlotte passed with only one driving fault – no wonder she looks so happy!!  Many congratulations. 23.4.13



Ben is planning a career in airline hospitality.  Now he will now be able to fly to his departure point in his own little car (within the speed limit of course!)

Ben is starting his own business.  So much easier when you can drive!  Good luck Ben. 7.5.13


Many congratulations to Katie who passed her test yesterday, 22nd February with only seven driving faults.




Many congratulations Jamee.  Only four driving faults.  Well done




Well done Beth.  Only seven driving faults.  Many congratulations




Many congratulations to Mo who passed on Wednesday, 17th October.  Only six driving faults – well done.



Well done Tom, you passed with only a few minor driving faults.  Congratulations.




Many congratulations to Lewis of Malton for passing his test first time on 5th July.

Congratulations to Richard of Filey for passing his test on 30th May, first time.

Congratulations to Philip of Cloughton who passed his test on 23rd May at the first attempt.




Monday, 2nd April 2012.   Congratulations to Millie from Scarborough who passed her test today with only four driving faults.  Well Done.  See you in October for Pass Plus.

Jo Martin writes ”Both my daughters have learned to drive with Driving Aspirations (Janet).  As “bank of Mum and Dad” we were impressed with the fact that there was a record not only of what they had achieved in each lesson but also highlighted the areas they needed to practise in order to pass their tests.  This was very helpful and I believe was not only beneficial in helping both girls to pass their tests but also saved us money in the long term.  Janet’s endless patience combined with her flexibility to fit lessons around busy schedules are real strengths”.

John Coates writes – Being a learner driver at the age of 30 I was very nervous.  Friends had recommended Janet so I booked a lesson to see how I got on.  By the second lesson we were on the main roads.  Janet praised me when I did something right and picked me up on things we needed to work on.  Every lesson had some theory study and I passed first time.  Soon after Janet had me ready for my practical test, which I passed first time.  Thanks to Janet I kept positive, she was always on time and accommodated my shifts.  Janet is passionate about driving and it shows in her teaching.