Janet’s Jottings

Last December there were four bad incidents on Scarborough’s roads resulting in two fatalities and several severe injuries. Road safety professionals refer to the top four causes for incidents and currently No.1 is pure speed, ie inappropriate speed for the conditions, eg. going into a bend too quickly and having to brake sharply.

No.2, but likely to take first place soon, are mobile phones. Phones are a distraction, even hands free which, whilst legal, are still a distraction, possibly more so because we are relaxed having a chat with somebody “in the car.”

Drink and drugs are at No.3. There are more and more drug prosecutions as testing gets better however, Scarborough News reported drink driving prosecutions going up in Scarborough area over Christmas period sadly.

Bet you can’t guess what is at No.4 … not wearing a seat belt!!! In 1983 it became mandatory to wear front seat belts and 1991 for rear seat belts and yet still nearly forty years later, some people still don’t understand the importance of wearing a seat belt until its too late

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